Adobe Flex Builder: Application(1) / layout (vertical)

<mx:Application  xmlns:mx=""
    width="430" height="258" layout="absolute";>

< Attention >

Only vertical and horizontal : the change when executing it.

< Default >


< Sample Panel Control View > layout=”absolute”

< MXML Code >

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application  xmlns:mx=""
    width="430" height="258" layout="absolute">

    <mx:Label x="23" y="0" text="v 0.2" width="36"/>

    <mx:List width="100" height="100" x="23" y="21">
                <mx:String>List Item 1</mx:String>
                <mx:String>List Item 2</mx:String>
                <mx:String>List Item 3</mx:String>

    <!-- Degin (free) layaute-->
    <mx:Button label="absolute'quot; toolTip="Clik!"
        click="this.layout='absolute';" x="60" y="129"/>

    <!-- Default layaute-->
    <mx:Button label="vertical" toolTip="Clik!"
        click="this.layout='vertical';" x="87" y="159"/>

    <mx:Button label="horizontal" toolTip="Clik!"
        click="this.layout='horizontal';" x="125.5" y="189"/>

< Property under use >

width , height , label , click , x , y , dataProvider , layout
< Environment >

Test Environment : WindowsXP Pro + SP2 + Full WindowsUpdate


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